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Whether you suffer from headaches, low back pain or everyday ailments, NVpt will analyze your body and its mechanics from head to toe, to best determine the cause of your pain. Through our years of experience, we have found that the location of the pain is not always the location of the root physical problem. For that reason, we treat the pain while also addressing its ultimate cause. We take a comprehensive approach to the evaluation and treatment of our patients. This whole body approach ensures success with our broad range of patients, whether they suffer from the effects of a traumatic event, recurrent debilitating pain or nagging sports injuries.
What we do.
Pain, when not related to a specific injury, is often due to a lack of normal balance somewhere in the body. Manual therapy means that we use our hands to release or mobilize the areas of the body that are tight or restricted (muscles, fascia, joints, etc.). While we work towards achieving normal mobility in our patients, we also teach them how to strengthen and stabilize the weak and unstable areas in their bodies. In this way, better balance is achieved, pain is eliminated and the patient leaves our care with the tools to maintain the optimum level of whole body health.
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