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Our therapeutic pool has an average temperature of 98 degrees meeting the arthritic guidelines for therapeutic benefit. In addition, our aquatic therapy is performed one person at a time allowing for privacy but more importantly a "one on one" experience. An intergrated railing system allows for support and the ability to perform a variety of different exercises. To access the pool, there are stairs with a rail or a lift chair that safely guides you in or out of the pool. A natural salt water system is used which is easy on our skin and the environment. The pool is also vinyl lined making it gentle on the feet.
The buoyancy of water decreases the weight bearing load across the joints along with unweighting of the spine to allow for exercises that are otherwise too difficult to perform on land. The warmth of the water soothes arthritic pain,encourages muscle relaxation and allows for freedom of movement. Post surgical patients who have had back, shoulder, knee, and hip surgery experience increased active range of motion and gentle strengthening that they were unable to perform on land. Core strengthening, flexibility, cardiovscular conditioning, endurance training, balance, weight loss and the benefits go on and on....
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Benefits of Aquatic Therapy:
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