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There are three primary goals of physical therapy; pain management, improved mobility and strengthening. Each one of these is an important step in the process of healing. While the body does possess the ability to heal itself, many injuries require intervention to accomplish complete healing. Often, once an injury has occurred, it is more likely to happen again, unless it has been properly rehabilitated. Most people seek help because of the pain they are experiencing. By administering a variety of modalities and manual techniques, our therapists are able to change the natural pain response. Many times, relaxing the muscles and stimulating the nerves around the injury will lessen the pain. Some of the modalities that are commonly used are ice, heat, electric stimulation, therapeutic ultrasound, and massage.

When an injury occurs mobility is greatly affected. Due to the injury or pain, when a joint is not moved, mobility is lost. With lost mobility comes increased pain. It is a vicious cycle that needs to be broken to begin the healing process. This phase incorporates skilled hands on joint mobilization techniques as well as stretching applied by the therapist.
The process
By strengthening the muscles surrounding the injured area, the joint becomes more stable and the risk of re-injury significantly decreases. When done properly, the strengthening phase often makes the injured site stronger and more functional than it was before being injured.

Although the body will heal by itself approximately 80 percent of the time, physical therapy ensures that the healing is complete and happens in a timely fashion. When an injury heals on its own, full mobility and strength is often not achieved. Physical therapy ensures the healing process progresses as it should, ensuring full recovery of mobility and strength. If you succumb to chronic pain or injury, be sure to seek the help of a licensed physical therapy and ensure total and complete healing.